Meet the Team

Gravitas S3 is a software development and managed-services company in the Philippines composed of highly-skilled and trained IT engineers and consultants.

We provide manpower services, quality assurance services, and support for various levels of application development. We are your ideal outsourcing partner for quality IT business solutions and we will help you translate your vision into reality.


To build long-term business partnerships with our clients based on trust and fairness assisting in the management of their core business through our world class human talents and best in class IT solutions.



To provide a completely integrated IT solutions to fill all gaps based on any company’s business needs.


These core values are what made Gravitas Software and Service Solutions Inc., what it is today – excellent yet humble. These are the fundamentals of our growing organization. Through these values, we show how we do our work and how we engage with our customers, business partners, and colleagues. These values are part of our identity and they serve as our guiding lights towards success.


We develop and enable our employees to become industry leaders by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. We encourage our employees to think like customers and act like owners.


We strive for excellence by personifying the highest ethical standards; dependability and humility.


We are always thinking of new and better ways on how to improve our services and productivity.


We work with our customers and develop long-term relationships by being responsive, reliable and by consistently delivering value.


We are committed to delivering high-quality service and output, from the smallest detail to the largest requirement.