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Providing IT Services with Expertise and Gravitas

Gravitas S3 has a wide variety of services and support ranging from Managed IT Support Solutions, Multi Platform, App Development, System Administration, and to IT Consultancy.  With these services, we can aid you in augmenting your IT business structure and systems organization. Need a professional developer or software for the job? Our developers can build you or help you build Multi platform applications. 

You can leave it all to Gravitas S3 while you focus on other key areas of your business. Go ahead and choose among our categories of services and support below.

Application Development

Gravitas S3 has the right people with extensive background for developing applications that will suit your company’s needs. Transform your business by improving scalability and reducing operational costs. Discuss with us your project requirements and we will provide you with the app you need.

Managed Service

Gravitas S3 is a provider of Managed IT support solutions. Our company aims to assist you achieve operational improvement across the board. With our technological experience and passion for world-class service, Gravitas S3 is your source for the best in system management.


Efficiency is the key to better IT operations. Let Gravitas S3’s expert IT staff share you the most effective ways on augmenting your existing system and network design as well as implementation strategies.


Software and Solution is part of Gravitas S3’s name. We are a provider and distributor of reliable and affordable software. Our flexible software solutions will make starting up or improving your business an easier affair.

Technologies we use

Supported Solutions


We Believe in Hard Work And Dedication

Leave it to Gravitas S3 to optimize and monitor your IT business structure. We can operate and enhance your IT organization system then continue to provide support as needed. While we work, you can focus on other key areas of your business. You can count on us and our IT developers to integrate with your existing data and to support your IT need.

We optimize and monitor your IT business structure. We enhance and operate IT organization system We support you to elevate your business to a technological drive perspective. We Integrate your existing data and deploy IT developers to support your IT needs.​

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