5 Reasons Why Unix is Still Viable for System Administration

System administration is the management of software systems. The bigger your business, the more challenging it is to manage the software systems.  There are a plethora of systems and applications available, but the Unix Operating System remains a popular choice.

UNIX is a multiuser operating system designed for flexibility and adaptability. It has been widely used in servers and high-end workstations. It also sports multi-user functionality and is good for multitasking. UNIX is widely used in computing systems such as desktop, laptop, and servers and has key advantages suited for system administration thanks to its key features.


Unix has full multitasking with protected memory. Multiple users can log in to the same machine at the same time and it lets people log in from different locations to the same machine, all without interfering with each other or crashing the system. This is a huge advantage that emphasizes flexibility, unlike with Windows OS where only one person can login to one machine at a time. UNIX is also is highly customizable and better secured and is more commonly used for web servers.

Virtual Memory Efficiency

UNIX has a virtual memory that is highly efficient and lets you use several  programs that can run with the proper amount of physical memory. This is a huge advantage compared to more standard-issue operating systems like Windows, where each program consumes a substantial amount of memory, which can reduce the performance of the device.


It has various options for access and security. Users must be authenticated by a valid account and password before they could access and use the system. Files are owned by particular accounts and the owner can decide whether others can read or even access those files. UNIX has greater built-in security compared to Windows, where security apps are more often purchased from third parties.

Commands and Utilities

UNIX boasts a rich set of small commands and other utilities that do specific tasks. Its commands are easy to understand that any ordinary user can use them. It’s not limited to preconfigured combinations or menus and can string those commands and utilities together in almost unlimited ways to accomplish complicated tasks.

Modularity and Reusability

UNIX excels in modularity and reusability, due to it using an open-source code, whereas Windows does not. This makes codes easy to understand and maintain that it allows for easy reuse of methods or functions in a program.

Conclusion Unix is highly recommended for programmers and system administrations. Though many prefer Windows due to familiarity and being a Graphical user Interface (GUI) based operating system, UNIX is also popular and recommended for System Administrators and app developers due to its emphasis on flexibility, portability, performance and security.

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