5 Types of IT Solutions Your Business Needs

When talking about issues related to IT, we tend to think about big companies first and how their business will need IT solutions. Small businesses tend to get less focus when talking about IT problems but let’s not forget that IT solutions are for all sorts of businesses that need them.

What Defines an IT Solution?

TechTarget accurately describes IT Solution as “a set of related software programs and/or services that are sold as a single package. Simply speaking, you can’t call a piece of software that solves a specific problem a solution. It has to be a comprehensive set of software and hardware.

For example, if a business needs an office management solution, something more than just a word processing tool would be needed. A complete package for this will need a means of scanning, storing, transferring, and securing all the documents of the business. That’s what we call an IT solution and here are some other examples for different business needs.

Types IT Solutions for Your Business

  1. Technical Support Solutions – Technical support is an essential IT solution that assists with every technology-related problem your business will face. It’s effectively a mix of manpower and software in the form of IT Service Management Software.

  2. Internet-Based Communication Solution – Communications is key to running an effective business, even for startups. A complete IT solution package for communications is something that can provide you with the means to effectively communicate with your staff and clients through a mix of applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol, SMS, videoconferencing, email services, social networking, and chatbots.

  3. Cyber Security Solution–Digital threats and attacks such as viruses and malware can damage your business. To counteract this, you’ll need a complete cybersecurity IT solution that has an anti-virus software, encryption programs, backup programs, anti-spyware software, internet monitoring apps, and cloud security just to name a few. The last thing you want is a breach of your business’ data and employee privacy.

  4. Cloud ComputingSolution–Not every business has space or funds for on-premise infrastructure and software. Cloud computing solutions solve that by providing software, storage, networking, servers, and more over the cloud. All of those are accessible over the web anytime and at a lower cost by subscription.

  5. Network and Infrastructure Procurement and Management Solution –Every business will need computers, programs, networks, and internet service to function properly. This IT solution covers the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the said items.

Each of these IT solutions will solve a particular set of problems, but having the right combination of IT solutions for your business will ensure everything is taken into account. That will save time and money if you have a comprehensive package to deal with future infrastructure problems.

Implementing the Solution

The IT solutions listed above are plenty and sure enough, you’ll need someone to implement them for your business. You will need a reputable IT solutions provider for that. They’re a firm that can help you set everything up and maintain all the IT solutions you have chosen.

If you need one right now, Gravitas S3 is ready to provide you with all the IT solutions available in this list. Contact us today and we’ll give you a complimentary IT Consultation so you can know what IT solution your business needs.

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