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Digital Business Solutions​

Gravitas S3 has the business IT solutions you need to maintain a digital business. Choose among our available solutions here or let us give you a customized solution to suit your specific needs.

Managed Services

Gravitas S3 is a provider of Managed IT support solutions. Our company aims to assist you achieve operational improvement across the board. With our technological experience and passion for world-class service, Gravitas S3 is your source for the best in system management.

Application Development

Gravitas S3 has the right people with extensive background for developing applications that will suit your company’s needs.Transform your business by improving scalability and reducing operational costs. Discuss with us your project requirements and we will provide you with the app you need.

IT Staff & Service Augmentation

Efficiency is the key to better IT operations. Let Gravitas S3’s expert IT staff share you the most effective ways on augmenting your existing system and network design as well as implementation strategies.


Gravitas Software and Service Solutions, Inc., (Gravitas S3) is an IT Solutions and Software Development Company in the Philippines. We pride ourselves on always being able to meet any challenging requirements or projects, whether low-code or from the ground up application development, standalone or web applications, on-premise or collaborative cloud services. Our team of experts are ready to help you with your needs. Gravitas S3 is also a Managed IT Service Provider. If it’s essential that you delegate your IT operations, we are more than capable in taking care of your daily or 24/7 operations. Our IT Service Management practices will ensure your key performance indicators are met. With our extensive background with application development and technical support, we are the ideal partners to help you reach your objectives.

Let's Imagine Your Digital Space



Check out our various IT services here. Gravitas S3 can help you augment your current business process and provide support as needed.


There’s always a solution to any given problem. Check our available IT solutions. Gravitas S3 can provide you with the right IT solution for every business problem, you may have.

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